So you want to write!!! 


Writing Women Work is an organization founded by, ME, The Penmagician. You know, too many times,  I’ve seen women start on projects and not be able to finish due to lack of support, resources, tools, and/or knowledge.

It’s me…I am “women”. 

So thus began the genesis of Writing Women Work. WWW is a monthly workshop for ladies in the CSRA area. Each month female writers from all walks of life gather in a conference room while learning from an expert instructor. The workshops are designed to help the women carve their masterpieces to perfection, to accomplish their goals, to network, & to create a circle of positive inspiration and support. 

So if this sounds like something you would love to be a part of…

Come to our next awesome workshop to get the help you need to finish your next BIG
IDEA!!!!! We’re here for you! 

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