The Wonderful World of Passionate


Works of pure faith. I got an idea and ran with it, and as soon as I mentioned it the cast and crew came along and were beyond amazing! I couldn’t have asked for better help. This was definitely a dream come true!

Thank you to all who supported this vision. Welcome to



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**Complete breakdown [synopisis & songs] of the production **The Wonderful World of Passionate**

Special thanks to everyone that supported and still supports #thewonderfulworldofpassionate This was truly a remarkable feat for me! Here is a complete summary of the show with clips, itunes links, cast, live clips of performances, live clips of film, etc. Once again….thank you so much! #thewonderfulworldofpassionate #encore #itunes #recap

The Wonderful World of Passionate
Singer Songwriter showcase Recap

Full scoring production credit of The Wonderful World of Passionate filming: Otis Exe Wrightt /Exe Rated/

Songs & Dance representations
Opening dance number: Sasha Snow & Lele Walden Reed
Encore opener: Patrick Butler

Arthur ChapmanJordan Lipscomb(drummer), and PASSIONATE– “By Faith”

Jeanine Bell & PASSIONATE– “Good Morning Love”
produced by Claude Harris Jr. performed by PASSIONATE
Song link:…/a…/good-morning-love/id632169172…

Kevin Bowman and PASSIONATE– “Tomorrow” produced by Chaymon Traclayer James
Song link:…/tomorrow-feat-kevin…/id433559739…

Ashley Montes– “You” produced by Otis Exe Wright

Cathy Benedetto & PASSIONATE– “You Deserve it” produced by Artist Senseyperformed by PASSIONATE
Song link from The The Lyons Den soundtrack:…/you-deserve-it

Most Elevated Deepness Vanessa Harris-“Dark Side to You” produced by Otis Exe Wright
Dancer: Sasha Snow
Dancer encore: Ariana Readeu

Michael Musicated Sullivan– “Hurting People Hurt People” produced by Claude Harris Jr. performed by Teaya Bush-Mahoney
Dancer- Kaylah Christian
Song link:…/…/B01M9DB1VH

Most Elevated Deepness Vanessa Harris & PASSIONATE– “Cold World”
Production version in recap: Aubrey Pompey

Que Butler– “Live to Love Again” produced by Chaymon Traclayer James performed by Teaya Bush-Mahoney

PASSIONATE– Stronger Song link:…
Video link:

Single Release PASSIONATE & Most Elevated Deepness Vanessa Harris– Golden Chariots
Produced by Akeem Wells 

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